WordPress: bad CMS, or worst CMS ever?

Well, probably not the worst CMS ever (I’ve used M$ Sharepoint). But it isn’t what it used to be. The new design philosophy seems to be adding in every bell and whistle the developers can come up with, and turn it into a platform that requires either a professional to manage, or a tremendous investment of time on an ongoing basis to manage. Getting sick of it, seriously considering Tumblr for everything.

(Speaking of Tumblr, go look at The Art of Virgil Finlay. The work to content ratio there seems way better than what you’ll find here.)

So if I’d rather host it myself, what’s the alternative? HTML 1.0? I like it on the basis of pissing off the HTML 5 standards zealots, but I’m too lazy to code HTML by hand. Suggestions welcome.

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