G5 thows a drive

So the venerable G5 tower of power has been having some disk issues lately. Program hangs, system hangs, general weirdness. Did a little troubleshooting, and it went beyond what disk utility or even Disk Warrior could fix. Finally cracked the case so I could move the drive to a firewire enclosure for more testing, and found the retainer clip for the drive broken off, and the drive itself sticking out 1/2 an inch or so from the bay. Here are some pictures of the broken retainer after I removed the drive:


Here’s the drive bay area at the back of the machine. The add-on drive in bay B is just fine, and shows what the retainer should look like. The retainer above shows what you don’t want to see inside your machine. Here’s a closer shot of the retainers:


Did some searching around and didn’t find any other reports of this issue out there. My biggest question is whether it was a catastrophic failure (drive seizing up and busting the retainer in one violent blow), or a long term stress fracture from the drive vibrating under normal use? Anyone else seen this happen to their older G5 towers?

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