Apple teardown manuals

puller.jpgHad an iBook G4 with a failed hard drive come my way recently. If you’ve ever looked into DIY hard drive replacement for a Mac laptop, you probably know there are few easier ways to brick a machine than by tearing it apart. iFixit has some very good disassembly guides on their site, and they saved my bacon in a couple of spots. I’d also recommend having a good set of very small screwdrivers, the critical #8 Torx driver, a large, thin guitar pick (for separating the outer shell of the iBook) and a pair of “chip puller” tweezers (like those pictured at the right) to unplug various cables from the motherboard. The ones I have are the 4 inch “EX-1″ model from OK Industries of Taiwan, and in hindsight they were the secret weapon of this project.

Would I attempt this again? Well, it depends. If the laptop’s already broken and out of warranty, absolutely. But for a working machine with a warranty you’re going to void, it isn’t something to be undertaken lightly. Either way, these teardown guides are an interesting read if you’re into hardware pr0n.

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