Konica Minolta ditches cameras, film

konica.gifAs if Nikon’s retreat from the film market wasn’t shocking enough, Konica Minolta has announced their own withdrawl from the photography market. Sony is purchasing what’s left of their camera business, and the company will stop manufacturing film and paper by March 2007.

I don’t think too many people will miss Konica Minolta’s film and paper offerings, but no more Minolta cameras is kind of shocking. Too bad Sony didn’t get the Minolta name along with the camera hardware. The Sony brand probably does carry more weight with consumers, but there was a time when Minolta was at least worthy of consideration for pros and serious amateurs. With all the shocking photography announcements this month, I’m expecting announcements of Kodak-Nikon and Fuji-Canon merger announcements within the next month.

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3 Responses to “Konica Minolta ditches cameras, film”

  1. I like the old konicas. It is no shame to see minolta go, and kind of scary that sony buys everything (and never shares)

  2. Konica used to make some rather good colour darkroom paper. A shame to see it go. It always had slightly higher contrast than Kodak’s and Fuji’s offerings.

  3. Konica paper was ok for custom work, but machine printing on it was always a huge pain in the ass. It was never as consistent as the Fuji and Kodak stuff. I’d put it on par with Mitsubishi paper. Much love for the old Minolta though, they made some fine SLRs.

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