Feds supoena 1,000,000 Google searches

tia.jpgThe San Jose Mercury News is reporting the US Justice Department has asked a Federal court to force Google to provide them with search data for one million random IP addresses, and all search data for a one week period. Think about that…if you use Google once a week, your data will be going to the Feds. Why do they need this information? To protect the children! More specifically, to defend the Child Online Protection Act, a law which was struck down in 2004 when a Federal court ruled it “too broad”. Won’t someone please think of the children?

The government indicated that other, unspecified search engines have agreed to release the information, but not Google.

So if you search with Yahoo, MSN, or one of the myriad also-ran engines, you may already be a winner! And don’t forget, every search engine out there plants a cookie in your browser. Unless you clear out cookies on a regular basis, some of them will persist for 30+ years. So if you’ve been searching for anything the Feds might find interesting, it would be trivial for them to subpoena all searchees associated with the cookie on your machine. But that should only worry those with something to hide…

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2 Responses to “Feds supoena 1,000,000 Google searches”

  1. Good news! If you’re troubled by Google’s intransigence in this matter, there’s a patriotic alternative for all your search needs!

  2. Crap like this makes me want to Sail the High Seas of the Intermanet

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