First MacIntel benchmarks dribbling out

Intel_imac.jpgThe first Intel iMacs have made their way from Apple Store shelves into the hands of early adopters, and some of those users have submitted Xbench benchmarks. There are also some anecdotal benchmarks available in the MacAddict Forums. Comparing the iMac Intel to the Powermac G5 (both at 2.0Ghz) yields a very mixed bag of results. In a few categories, the Intel CPU is twice as fast as the G5. In most others, the G5 is a bit faster. Obviously we’ll need more than a few submissions to make a real judgement, but if the MacBook performance is pretty close to the iMac at similar clock speeds it’ll be pretty close to having a Dual 2.0 G5 sitting on your legs. Close enough to replace that G5 tower with a MacBook? I’ll let you know when I figure that out for myself.

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