Nikon and film parting ways in the U.K.

Nikon lensNikon UK has issued a press release stating that they’re discontinuing all their large format and enlarger lenses, and most of their camera bodies and manual focus lenses. Nikon anticipates the existing product stock will be gone by mid-summer 2006. Although the press release is UK specific, it certainly implies that this will be a worldwide shift.

So what’s left? The F6 body in the UK, the FM10 worldwide, and a moderate assortment of manual prime lenses to fit. If Nikon’s abandoning film to the competition, we can expect the rest of the top camera makers following suit over the next year or so. Film is officially a boutique hobbyist niche now kids, and those zany Soviet cameras that are all over Ebay are going to start looking pretty good.

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2 Responses to “Nikon and film parting ways in the U.K.”

  1. I prefered the digital camera almost immediately. I still miss the speed in which you can snap off pics but imagine that will be close to old-school cameras before long.

    It does cause a bit of sadness and concern that all the camera technology I grew up with a took classes for are a thing of the past. Gone.
    Darkrooms no longer needed. What do you do with an obsolete enlarger?

    Progress marches on but it’s rather disconcerting to see a major technology of the last 150 years just vanish.

  2. Film is not going completely. It’s going to get exclusive instead. Thirty five milimeter film will disappear and we will have medium and large format film for a while.

    Hasselblad just brought out a 39 megapixel camera, and Kodak had just recently developed a 42 megapixel chip. We won’t see these in compact cameras any time soon, though. I just hope that camera manufacturers would stop, just for a while, to constantly up the megapixels and instead concentrate on dealing with some other pressing issues, such as detail in shadow & highlight and noise. Those are some pretty big issues.

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