It ain’t your kindergarden macaroni art!

carolchanning.jpgJason Mecier describes himself as a mosaic artist, but that title hardly does justice to his amazing celebrity portraits. He crafts images of all the greats out of common household items. Definitely a step above garage sale macaroni art, and there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer Farrah by herself or all three Charlie’s Angels, Showgirls or The Golden Girls, Mecier’s bean, yarn, and candy portraiture will leave you speechless.

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2 Responses to “It ain’t your kindergarden macaroni art!”

  1. I am indeed speechless. And disturbed.

    Over the pictures I mean.

  2. [...] Schadenfreude plays a part and maybe even weltanschauung. One day, a titan of industry tells you about meeting Craig Venter and learning all about synthetic biology in line for the toboggan lift at the World Economic Forum. The next day he finds out his latest cellulosic company is worth less than a portrait of Carol Channing done in macaroni art. [...]

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