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The Presidential IM archive. These are hilarious and so authentically delivered.

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A new one every Tuesday on HuffPo.

(Bush)Kickass43: so wats ur resolushun 4 this yr?
(Blair)Sxybritguy10: just 2 get thru it frankly
Kickass43: me 2
Kickass43: sumtimes when im wrestlin cedar I think of wat its gonna be like when this is all ovr
Kickass43: didnt like 2 think of it b4
Kickass43: now I can’t wait 4 08
Sxybritguy10: wot u gonna do?
Kickass43: gonna kick back on the ranch
Kickass43: aint gonna b no world travellin xprez
Kickass43: tryin to drum up sum peace prize
Kickass43: reagan got it rite
Sxybritguy10: coz he retired 2 CA?
Kickass43: nope
Kickass43: cuz he forgot everything
Sxybritguy10: sounds good 2 me
Kickass43: Happy New Year bud
Sxybritguy10: u2

The President of the United States is offline.
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